Wrong workout text

Hi Guys just want to highlight some wrong workout text 11 weeks into the 16 week SS the 1 minute sprint effort instructions on the 3hr endurance with late effort ride are set wrong the wattage it is asking you to do is very low compared to your FTP.

Thanks for the heads up James - That looks like a bug in the TrainingPeaks app bc on the desktop the correct %'s are 97-117% of FTP. Make sure your settings are to ‘range’ not target which may (but don’t know) be causing your error.

Week 11 / Day 76 of Basic 16 weeks of Sweet Spot Plan
Endurance Zone 2 Late Efforts Sweet Spot / Vo2
Ride for 2 hours in your Endurance Zone 2 pace. Get in in 100 TSS.
Then complete 1 x 10 minute Sweet Spot Effort. Rest for 10 minutes. Then complete 3 x 1 minute Full Gas efforts. Goal should be at least over your FTP. Rest 2 minutes between.
You will want to stay fueled and hydrated the entire time! Make sure to have solid foods early on including bars and blocks. After 1.5 - 2 hours you can include gels. Make sure to have a gel or even a coke 5 - 10 minutes before the sweet spot effort to fuel you throng the final part of the workout.
Workout Details
Warm up

5 min @ 50 % of FTP
Zone 2

2:01:00 @ 64-74 % of FTP
Sweet Spot

10 min @ 87-97 % of FTP
Zone 2

10 min @ 55-65 % of FTP
Repeat 3 times


1 min @ 97-117 % of FTP

2 min @ 54 % of FTP

20 min @ 64-74 % of FTP
Cool Down

5 min @ 54 % of FTP

Thanks for getting back to me Frank, its a strange one i have my settings set to range, this is the first I’ve came across and it didn’t affect me much as i was doing the workout outside but it may affect some if they are doing it on Zwift in ERG mode