Workout Description % versus actual %


I have been doing the Sweet spot plan 12 week and am almost done with it. However I had a question about the workouts with bursts. The description does not match the workout. For example:

4 x 5 minutes ON 5 min OFF

First 30 seconds of interval is 125% of FTP, then ‘settle’ into zone 4. Finish with last 30 seconds, Full Gas > 150% of FTP
5 minutes off

I do the workouts on ergvideo with my computrainer. The actual workout file has 135% for 30 seconds, then 100% for 4 minutes, then 175% for 30 seconds. I have to say its extremely hard to complete that interval and I almost fall off my trainer. Are they supposed to be this hard and you just do not update the description?


They really are suppose to be hard! These are threshold over under which are very difficult. The last 30 seconds of these type of intervals are always meant to be full gas. The description and workout builder is only an estimate of a possibility. 175% is high after doing 4 minutes of threshold and a 30 second zone 6 effort to start. But really try to get into zone 6 and over 130% of your FTP. That should be the ultimate goal.

I think of these of coming up to a climb and the race into the climb and hitting hard from the start, settling in a bit and then attacking near the top. Or a race winning move where you attack, settling in and go for the sprint win.


When I do it in Ergmode it loads up 175% which is so hard. So what you are saying is I could change it to 130-150% instead of 175%. Ergmode just loads up whatever you tell the workout to do.

Yes! Change it. This is one reason why erg mode is so tough sometimes. So change it up and see how it goes for yo.