Wko5 vs TrainingPeaks premium

I am a new cyclist with power / numbers charts what do you recommend?
I also following the SS1,2,3 and the Fondo plan afterwords.

I think that the TP link is a monthly subscription but WKO5 is a one off payment. (please excuse me if im wrong)

What would be the recommendations for this 2 products?
I did try to browse the forum but i did not match any topic (maybe i missed it)

Many thanks

If you are new to cycling I would just recommend TrainingPeaks. It has all the data you will need. WKO can get overwhelming. Then everything is on any of your devices and easy to access. WKO needs to be on the computer.

However you are correct that in WKO could save you money in the long run as it is a time payment as opposed to a monthly subscription. Seems a lot of things are monthly subscriptions now a days and those can add up.

Again you don’t need any of the charts or premium features to use with these plans. They are built to follow trends you would look for in those charts. Building fitness, planning CTL build, taper and etc. The plan will do it.