Wining in the kitchen -- except for water %

I’m in the final 10 days of Sweet Spot 1 and have really ramped up my produce consumption over that same period and am thrilled with the results. Feeling great and riding strong – honestly can’t wait for the end of plan FTP test!

Curious about one thing: I use a Garmin Index Smart scale and it’s giving me a breakout of body composition: fat, muscle, bmi, have all been dropping during the plan. Bone mass staying the same. But body water % has been going up.

Any ideas why that occurs?

FWIW, Im a master athlete, am 6-2 and have gone from 194.3 to 189.4 in four weeks.

Nice going @steveutaski with the #WinningInTheKitchen!

So what you want to pay attention to is your % body fat. That is best measure with a skinfold test or simply looking at yourself in the mirror for body fat composition.

Water weight fluctuates up and down per all sorts of things, who know AND these scales are that accurate for measure body fat %. Plus, remember water weight doesn’t matter - your body is a PRO a regulating that.

Keep eating those vegetables and #FtFP’ing and I’m :100:confident you’ll knock your next field test out of the park!