Why are the plans 6 weeks?

Hey Frank - loving the plans and have been seeing great results by stringing them together throughout the season.

Why though, are the plans designed around a 6 week period when almost all have an easier week on the 4th week?

If stringing together 2 or 3 plans, how do you recommend incorporating an easier week every 4? Just take the easy week from the previous, existing or next plan and add it where appropriate?

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Awesome @andrew - stoked to hear that you are experiencing good results.

6 weeks is a good length for a quality physiological adaptation. 4 weeks is too short sometimes…

If you are pairing 2 sweet spot plans together you will want to edit your rests weeks so that you have one every 4 weeks. One of the many benefits of the 18 week sweet spot plan is that it has this periodization built in.

If you are pairing a sweet spot to an interval plan - no rest week is necessary, the plans have the appropriate amount of rest designed in.

For further customization this would be where hiring a coach would come in to get a custom training plan designed by your coach after consulting on your goals and timeline. However as you know, ‘if you can follow a plan you can get faster


Haha, I was actually thinking, why aren’t the plans 8 weeks - not 4. :joy:

Noted on pairing the plans. Thanks.