Whoop strain accuracy

I would like some whoop strain information. Is this a thing i need to pay attention too? I have a strenuous job with strains over 15 almost every day even without exercise or an recorded activity.

The whoop also detects an activity while at work on occasion but does not detect an indoor cycling session sometimes. Should i disable the auto detect and only start an activity when I’m exercising?

i’m assuming the strain number as an affect on my overall numbers the whoop is showing me.

Thank you
Donald (racerchef)

Yes, For sure. As far as stats goes to keep track however……

It has NOTHING to do directly with your recovery score. Your recovery score comes from HRV (most heavily weighted), Resting Heart Rate, Sleep Performance, Respiratory Rate.

AutoDetect - I have it on but if I do a workout without my hear rate going high enough it wont register. At the end of the day your overall strain will be what it is if you have auto detect on or off. You can also go and manually add the time you did a spin for example and get the strain score.

For strain to calculate correctly it is import that your max heart rate is set properly and not just the beginning number they give you. To see what it is Click on your picture it will show data from last 30 days but then click All Time and it will show your Max Heart rate. If that is wrong then just send a message through the app and they will fix.

It is important to wear the whoop tight on your wrist and in the right location. Some folks go with the Bicep as it can be more accurate at times.

The Strain Number is on a logarithmic scale so easy to get to 10, 15 if you have a strenuous job but to get to above 20 takes a real hard long workout.

I have been using the Whoop to help guide my training and excited once the optimize app is dialed in (right now there are issues with not all data coming in, plus I think eventually they want to add in your carb intake). Using my whoop has changed my training, sleep habits alcohol use and more. I can tell you right now that compared to my peers as a new cyclist I think the whoop is one of the major reasons I have been on the Podium in most races I did this year.

I use the journal and other data to keep myself in the yellow and the green and I only had 9 days in the red. If I have 2 red days in a row I take time off. If I have a red day and feel like crap I take day off or do zone 2. If I feel fine or OK I will keep training as usual. One of the main reasons I take time off after being in the red is that while it could be to overtraining or stress in your life, it also can be an early indication you are getting sick. So I start resting right away. I am continuing to learn but for me it has been life changing as I really try to use the data and apply it to my life and training.

Good Podcast here to learn more https://www.whoop.com/thelocker/podcast-29-heart-rate-variability-hrv/

Thank you so much for the information.

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