White Rice vs. Brown Rice

I have one question for you Lacey… is there a reason you exclude brown rice, vs. white, jasmine, etc?

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The biggest reason is the time it takes to meal prep; brown rice can take up to 3x as long.

There is some rationale for white rice vs brown when it comes to carb digestion/insulin response though:

  1. Before training – white rice is easier for most to digest - meaning less chance of GI issues and a quicker rise in blood glucose to fuel your training session.

  2. Post workout – you want quick digesting carbs within the first 1-2 hours to help restore the glycogen that was depleted. And as noted above, white rice is digested faster.

Moreover, the nutritional difference between white and brown rice is fairly minimal and when eating a diet full of fruits, veggies and other whole grains is not going to impact your nutritional status. With that said, the difference in digestion tends not to be an issue for many athletes. So if you prefer brown rice, feel free to use it! :slight_smile:


thanks for posting this. I was going to ask that very question. Another sort of similar one…curious why you suggest eggs versus egg whites. I would have thought we’d be getting enough fats via oils, nuts, avocado, etc. Thanks Lacey!


It’s not that easy. Brown rice might have more nutrients, but it also contains other substances like phytic acid which impairs mineral intake significantly (I’ve read numbers like 30-70%, depending on the minerals and some other factors). This study comes to the conclusion that a brown rice diet is no better than a white rice meal plan

That’s why, personally, I always choose white rice as a source for glucose, while getting my minerals, fibers etc. from much better sources (than brown rice): Vegetables. (Choosing brown rice along with vegetables impairs intake of the vegetable’s minerals)

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White rice is easier to digest, has a higher glycemic index and get’s to your muscle post exercise much quicker. With all the fiber you are consuming from all the vegetables you are now eating, you don’t want to make digestion any harder than it needs to be, thus the white rice.

If you prefer brown rice, I’d say that’s fine too

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