Which plan with Apline skiing

I am looking at the 32 week plan but only available to ride Mon-Fri as the kids train competitively with skiing and I am on the hill with them…was looking at the 32 week SS plan but unsure if I should select Basic/Intermediate. Any advice on selecting this or a different plan?

Thanks John

Hi there @jrabbito -

all the weight lifting occurs Monday - Friday so it really comes down to how much you have to train on those days, 1 hour (basic) or 1.5 (intermediate)

You may want to go this route and omit the long endurance rides on the weekend OR do the weights and shift over to a mid-week friendly plan. All out plans combine short structured intervals Tuesday-Thursday and long rides on the weekend.

Our top three wintertime indoor friendly plans are

Sweet Spot Part 4
Indoor Cycling with Zwift
or straight up Indoor Cycling

Hope that helps!