Which plan for a 6min climb?

So I did this Zwift race at pretty much Threshold (4.2w/kg) for 55mins. The race was mostly flat ending with a 6-7min Hill Climb finish. As soon as we started the climb I was out the back. What would be the best fit plan to address my weaknesses? TIA


Doing a zwift race is basically like a time trial and riding at your threshold the entire time. Moments you will go above and below but for the most part you will average around your FTP. Were you still able to hold your FTP up the final climb? Or did your power drop?

I would recommend our road race interval plan. This would be a good mix of threshold and Vo2 max intervals. These are the type of efforts you would complete during a Zwift race.


Yeah I was still able to hold my ftp but I did the finish climb at 7mins whereas the winners did it at 6mins.

Sounds like you were finishing on the Volcano KOM, I’m guessing. At 4.2 w/kg for 55 minutes, you likely were racing in the A group. Once you hit the base of the Volcano, those guys are gonna immediately ramp it up to 5.5 to 6 w/kg. If you’ve already been riding at FTP for almost 50 minutes, you’re just not going to have much more to give. More fitness & training is the cure.

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