Which CX plan should i move on to?

I am going to purchase one of your plans today but wondering which one i should considering i have a bit of a unique situation:

Injury and child raising has me starting my CX training a bit behind. I am about to finish up with 2 weeks of a skill, V02 Interval and running bursts training (not our plan exactly, but very similar) and as you know our season starts this Saturday at Harlow Platts.

Considering i have only done 2 of what should have been 6 weeks till CX training should i continue with the 6 Weeks to CX plan or should i just move into your CX Interval plan and go with the fitness i’ve got? I am also wondering why the CX Interval plan is next and not the CX Race and Recover which seems like i will be doing starting Saturday.

Hey @trome11 - I would keep trucking with your six weeks to cx plan for the next 4 weeks and then do our cyclocross intervals plan. If you have time after that the ‘race n recover’

Look for the FasCat tent at Harlow Platts Saturday, come over and say hi and we’ll have TrainingPeaks fired up on the big screen to help answer any questions you might have.

Good luck!