Which bike - singlespeed, geared, or road?

Hi everyone! I am beginning the 6 Weeks to Cyclocross plan on Monday, and wanted some input on which bike(s) I should be using. I race singlespeed CX, but do have a geared CX bike. My road bike hasa power meter.

My instinct is try to do as much as possible in regards to the CX specific intervals and workouts on the SS bike since that is what I race and that is how I’ll appropriately train with the fast cadence and what not.

Any input?

As long as you are following the plan it does not matter if you are riding one bike or the other physiologically.

You can be on big wheel and following the plan :slight_smile: That said, you do want to work on your skills while you are following this plan and therefore I’d recommend your SS CX bike with the caveat you can follow the plan.

To take that a step further, there may be workouts you do on your road bike (power based ones) and workouts you do on your ss that are more skill based.

Hope that helps - good luck with your plan!


I agree with Frank. I would do all race simulation training, like mid-week mini race rides, and skills work on your SS bike. SS is different beast. Extreme cadence swings and so much core and upper body engagement so you need to train for that on the SS bike.


Great, sounds like I was on the right track! I figure the best way to practice race starts and sprints is with the actual bike I race, and especially since single speed sprinting is a whole other animal in that regards!

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