Where to go from here?

Frank, first off, thank you. This year I decided to get back to racing after some time away and just riding recreationally. In March, I started the Intermediate Sweet Spot 3, followed by the Intermediate 12 Week Time Trial. At the start of SS3, my FTP was 240. At US Masters Nationals yesterday I threw down 287 for 58 minutes and finished 14th. No way I could have done that without FTFPing.

Now, I’m already pumped up and determined to boost my FTP even further and improve my placing at next year’s Nationals. The only race I have left this year is the Steamboat Stage Race, which I am really just doing for fun. Question is, what training plan (or combination of plans) should I do starting mid/late September to be ready for a second run at Nationals around this same time next year? I plan to race road and crits too, but my focus is really on TT. I will also be doing the CO State TT and (maybe) the Cherry Creek series. I also enjoy alternate forms of training like weight lifting. Lastly, should I consider the advanced level plans? I occasionally struggled to complete the Intermediate due to time constraints, but other times felt like I should have been doing more.

Thank you very much!

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Congrats and we’ll see you in Steamboat next weekend.

Take a post season break after that and then begin our 32 week off season training plan:

After those 32 weeks you want to make sure you do our Road Intervals and perhaps Road In Season:



Frank - Similar question to above. I just finished gravel worlds. Thru the remainder of summer, into fall and early winter I want to do some short gravel races, possible a fun team MTB relay and maybe some bike packing. I also want to take time to work on some strenght and flexibility. I think anything I do this fall would be primarily for fun, maintain fitness and work on technical and strength weaknesses then short break for xmas, new year then begin building for Land Run and DK 200 next year. Best, Gary Hamer

Hi @ghamer1 - I have a similar answer for you - to get faster for 2020 you want to do more than you did this year and that means 2 things:

  1. lift weights per our resistance training plan and
  2. build a bigger base

That takes time but we have it all organized for you in our 32 week off season training plan.

Thanks Coach O. After I backup from land run 6 weeks for gravel plan and then 32 leaves me a bit of a gap. I think I what to have some fun for a bit then move into the base build. So might do CX sweet spot because of the flexibility then move into the strucutured 32 week build. Gary

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