Where to go after 18 weeks of Sweet Spot?

I am going to be finishing up the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot in the next few weeks and am looking for help in where to go next.

With COVID it seems like racing in the North East US at least will not begin until the late Spring so is it better to move on to Sweet Spot part 4 or start an interval plan?

Furthermore what is the difference between the road racing intervals plan, the climbing intervals plan, and the stage race intervals plan? Would the road racing plan better suit shorter circuit-style races whereas the climbing/stage race plans would be better for something like the Green Mountain Stage Race? And what would you choose if you plan to race both types of races?

Any help or insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I think with the uncertainty on when the races we’ll return our sweet spot part 4 plan is smart and a logical progression - not to mention great for your VO2 Max Power.

For Green Mt (great race) do our stage race intervals plan :100:

I appreciate your advice for loggiematt since I’m in a similar spot…I’ll be finishing 18 weeks of sweetspot in early March. I was trying to decide between SS4 and Hill Climbing prior to the Gravel Plan with the hopes of getting a lottery spot into the Crusher (which I’ve raced in 2013 and 2014). I look forward to your suggestion for a 3.2 w/kg 58-year old.

all of those would be great with our Sweet Spot 4 and our Crusher in the Tushar plan

2013 was the year I won the Crusher (amateur)!


Nice…unfortunately, I was about an hour and 10 minutes behind you but enjoyed every painful minute up the col d’crush…a stretch of gravel that I think I could pick up 20 minutes with better conditioning and pacing.