When to start weight loss plan

I’d like to purchase the weight loss plan but I do not want to start it until December. Would that be ok to do?

Oh yea, you can choose any start date you want AND you may do your plan over and over - its yours for life:

Oh man this week I’ll be gaining not losing that’s for sure! Happy holidays means +2-3.

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The holidays are definitely meant to be enjoyed! But remember, thanksgiving, christmas and holiday gatherings only make up like 4-6 of your meals throughout the year . It won’t significantly derail your long term weight loss progress even if you do “overindulge”. That being said though, here are some strategies that can help you to make better choices around parties/gatherings:

  1. Don’t fast or skip breakfast/lunch that day as that only makes food cravings worse

  2. Start small and use a smaller plate - if you are still hungry then you can go back and get seconds

  3. Try to avoid sugary drinks

  4. Remind yourself that you don’t have to say no to dessert. Telling yourself that you can have a small piece!

  5. If you are going somewhere else, bring a dish that you know you can have a large portion of (e.g. a salad or roasted veggies)

  6. Get moving, but I don’t think I really need to tell anyone that is on here that :slight_smile: