When to schedule a CX training camp

Hi, I have purchased a whole seasons worth of training plans, mostly dedicated to getting myself for the next CX race season. If I wanted to plan a week long training camp, when would be the best time to programme this in to my training schedule?

Many thanks

Awesome @chriswall - OK, so when we talk about training camps for cyclocross there are two kinds:

  1. skills camps
  2. training training camps - with a lot of riding, sweet spot, intervals - a CTL raiser

I’d highly recommend you find a regional / local skills camp like the ones we had with Jeremy Powers in August for a pre-season SKILLS camp. 100% skills and honestly we weren’t able to get in that much ‘training training’.

Since you mention

I’d recommend sometime in July when you are to be capping off your CTL with your Summer Cyclocross Sweet Spot plan.

Hope that helps and good luck!