When to add in Bonus training

Hi Fascats,

I am training for some gravel races in July and August. I am not currently on a specific plan, but am using a combination of previous plans and recommended workouts to “sweetspot up the whazoo” and built my CTL. I will hit a CTL of 70 this weekend after starting in the low 40s in late February.

Most of my weekday riding is limited to ~75-90 minutes. I have the chance to take some half days (likely 3-5) between now and my races and fit in some bonus long rides. I am wondering when these might be the most useful? Stagger them; do a big block early on; pile on the training 3-4 weeks out?


Like in training 2-4weeks out. Be like doing a training camp before. Give yourself 2 weeks of rest and taper. Plus you need 2 weeks to adapt to the training you did and reap the benefits. Make sure you recover though after before the event.


Thanks for the quick response! I will try and plan it like this.

Annnd you could do the Gravel Plan and simply FtFP :wink:


Like Coach @Jake said, really load up in June and then rest more, perhaps even taper for your July & August events.

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FtFP? :thinking: :laughing: I may try this! Got sick during my last plan (OMW), and I haven’t done a full plan since then.

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