When Fascat training plans get modified


I have recently purchased a few of the Fascat training plans and have been so happy with them I am considering dropping my TrainerRoad subscription and going solo with Fascat. One of the appealing features of TR (besides a pretty cool platform) is any tweaks to workouts or training plans are automatically available to subscribers, whereas with the Fascat plans I feel once purchased we are stuck with that version. My question is: do the workouts or plans get updated from time to time, and if so are those updates available to folks who have already purchased the plan?

Along the same line, in TR if you decide to bump up your hours (or are forced to dial back), you can change to a different volume plan. If I buy a ‘Basic’ Fascat plan (4-8 hrs/week), am I able to switch it to ‘Intermediate’ (8-12 hrs/week) at a later date? Is there any documentation on how to dial an ‘Intermediate’ plan down to ‘Basic’ hours?

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hey @robin.campbell

These are great questions, thank you for posting.

To answer your question here we do make updates to our plans to make sure they are both up to date within the technology offered today and the ever changing understanding of how best to train athletes from our collective of coaches. For massive updates that we have done in the past (the add of the workout builder in TP, or the total remake of the 32 week plan a year or so ago) we do post here or send out an email to the athletes who have purchased the plans to offer them the updated plan. Outside of that we do not offer live regular updates to our plan. But this is something in the future that we would love to consider and maybe offer. A big difference that separates us from TR in this way is we do not have a subscription format for plans as its a one time purchase vs monthly payment (other than our coaching subscription but that is of course different). We are always looking to offer better services so thank you for bringing this up.
We do offer exchanges if you find that the “level” of plan you purchased is too much or too little. and here is a good thread on how to best choose that.

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I had purchased the 10 week resistance plan and the 18 week sweet spot , that gives me 28 weeks , I see the 32 week off season plan , how do I get the other 4 weeks?

Here you go @granalli1 :

We don’t recommend doing that at this point but for next Fall.

Thanks for the quick response Frank, i am into the adaptation of the 10 week resistance phase now.
Do i start the 18 week sweet spot right after the resistance plan? and then the 6 week interval plan right after that or are there any plans in between these ?

I already purchased this plan but it was only a 3 week foundation plan.

Yes, that is the correct sequence

There’s an extra week for recovery programmed into the 32 week plan