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Hello Frank,
I am finishing the intermediate Sweetspot plan for timetrial and I am considering how to proceed.
The timetrial competition is cancelled for the season as
are the crits until September (in Holland).
I really improved my Ftp (+17 watts).
I use Wko5 for analasis and “tweaking” your plans to my needs and my program.
With the summerseason shot, I am looking at the CX season and my weak spots, which is my starts.
I consider starting on the road racing season plan to improve on my 5 sec to 30 sec powerrange as this is so ever important to the starts of a cx.
But maybe an early start with specific CX plans could be better suited?
I am a old warrior and prefer to do my exercises on the bike especially in the summerperiod.
Like to read your advice on which path I should follow

Slightly off your topic, but how does that work with modifying the workouts in WK05? I have loved the program and was thinking about what you mentioned.

For CX Race Starts do our signature Six Weeks till CX Plan

but do our CX Summer Sweet Spot Plan before that:

Here’s how to edit your plan but we HIGHLY advise FtFP’ing at all costs first:

@FRANK did you mean to copy in a different link? I am all about believing in and #ftfp just curious on how it works with WK05.

I must agree with Frank on that. I am using Wko5 and Wko4 before that for many years and have all my career used trainingplans and have a good understanding of what my boddy needs to get in racingshape.
I use Wko5 to find weak spots and try to use the different Fascat trainingplans to fill in that specific need.
In general I build up my yearly plan using the Fascat training plans and rearrange the workouts to meet specific needs or adaptions to my racing program.
Thank you Frank, I will look in to the CX plans and see
What the timing is like to meet the seasonstart in October.

Here’s how you can edit your plan in TrainingPeaks

WKO5 is analytical software and one can not edit their plan in it.

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