What to take and eat on a self supported multi day ride

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In four weeks I’ll be riding London Edinburgh London audax with a time limit of 125 hours over a four or five day period. It’s largely a self supported ride though there are meals available at the controls every three to four hours. If all goes well, the mileage will break down as such to give an idea of effort - day one 120 miles (late start) day two, three and four 200 plus miles and day five 150 miles. Days two, three and four will involve big hills.

It’s difficult to know what to eat/consume. I really like the feed zone portables book but most of that food won’t last more than a day or so in a bag or back pocket (eg rice cakes) as I guess there is a short shelf life. I’m also concerned about riding around just full of food the whole time, gut rot but of course having enough calories Any suggestions would be gratefully received on what consume. Shops will be available along the way.

I had thought about just drinking an energy drink like tailwind and a few like snacks between the controls.

The sweet spot plans have really helped with the endurance needed. I’ve adapted them slightly to include very long rides at the weekend and a trainer in the week… They’ve definitely helped put me in the right place. Completed plans 1, 2, 3 and 4. Would definitely recommend


I did my first self supported ultra this spring and had good luck with carrying a Tailwind-style powder that I could mix with water to get hydrated and injest calories at the same time. I started carrying my fav bars and gels, but knew they’d run out and I’d be at the mercy of gas stations after that. I found a mix of sweet and salty to be good – you get so burnt on just bars. I liked jerky. Frozen burritos in the jersey pocket were also a hit. I could easy add 200+ calories to a bar by coating it with peanut butter. If you can swing a few 8+ hour training rides you’ll get a good handle on what you crave and want. I founds crisps/chips to be my biggest craving after hours on the bike. Soda too… all the no-no’s basically, but just keep the calories coming in! Good luck looks like a cool event


Thanks Steve

That’s good experience shared there. I was planning to use tailwind and eat dried fruit and nut, bars and gels. It’s good to know that you did similar. I like the of topping a bar with peanut butter. It’ll tuck into the sweet and salty treats too no doubt.

I’ve been doing some good training rides - 560 kms in two days last weekend. I experimented with cheese sandwiches and flapjack but just felt it ‘accumulated’ to a point of discomfort.

The pacing of these things interesting. I’m aiming to use a hr monitor and ride in zone two as much as possible.

Here’s the ride details https://londonedinburghlondon.com/

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Hey @greenleys ,

I think a carbohydrate mix can be a really great part of your nutrition plan. You might be able to get a ton of single serve packets that you could mix with water through out the day. A lot of these products also contain the necessary electrolytes so it ticks two boxes. If you are going that route I would begin integrating that into your training soon to make sure the particular product you choose works well for you. Beyond that, if you’re going to plan on stopping at convenient stores I would recommend thinking of some go-to food products that contain a lot of carbohydrates and some beverages that contain a good serving of electrolytes. However, I would be prepared to stop enjoying whatever your go-to’s are at a certain point and having to just eat whatever your body is craving. Hope that’s helpful.


Thanks Coach Andrew- that’s good guidance and chimes well with what I was thinking too. The plan is to start using a carb drink over the next few weeks. I’m pretty sure you’re right - I’ll be happy to eat whatever my body is craving!

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