What to do with the new schedule for the DK 200

I completed the 10 Week Resistance plan and I just finished a Week 16 (rest week) of the 18 Week SS plan. My main event for this year is the DK 200 which is 24 weeks away. Should I finish week 17 and 18 of the SS plan? I have the 6 week gravel plan and the 6 week hill climbing plan available to me. Was thinking about doing things in the following order:

Finish Week 17 and 18 (do twice) of the SS Plan + Rest Week. – 4 Weeks.
6 Week Hill Climbing Intervals Plan – 6 Weeks (Just to break things up.)
Week 15 – Week 18 (do twice) + Rest week – 6 Weeks
6 Week Gravel Plan. – 6 Weeks.

This would give me 2 weeks at the end to taper.

Would I be better off just repeating SS 2 and SS 3 or just repeating SS 3 or does mixing in the Hill Climbing Intervals help me increase by overall FTP by September? Is the order correct?


This sounds about right @padraicmcgovern AND -

Use the performance manager chart along with those plans to drive your CTL up and up (with periodization) and achieve peak CTL’s roughly by August 22nd or 29th and then design in your taper.

See you in Emporia!