What to do? Complete SS or switch to Race Early

Currently I am doing the 18 weeks of SS plan (I have 5 weeks to go) and its been going really well, however a key race has just been announced for 4 weeks time (COVID lock down easing) I have obviously not been doing race type prep given the focus on base and the fact that we are still locked down in Australia. I currently have a CTL of 96 (I’ve been FTFP to the letter but adding a little to each ride), so my question is whether I should continue with the SS plan (stay the course) or do I sprinkle the VO2 sessions from SS4, or do I switch completely to race intervals over the next 4 years before the event takes place? The event is a 80 - 100km rolling road race and likely to be in fairly windy conditions. I understand that the response might be along the lines of “there is a lot to this question” but I am looking for some general high level advice if at all possible on best course of action.


I would advise adding in some race-specific efforts; jumping forward into SS4 to get in those V02 sessions could be a good idea. You also want some fast group rides or a training race to get sharpened up for racing in the wind.

Just keep in mind that while that is ideal for the upcoming race, it won’t be ideal for holding or building form over a long season, so after that race I’d try to find some time to go back and do more base work.