What step next?

Hello, I’m finishing up the cyclocross off season training plan. I thought I would be moving straight to Summer sweet spot. That might put me kind of late when combining the other plans to transition into CX season. (well, I hope there will be a cx season). Can I get some assistance to see which plan I need to purchase next?

Hey Mike!

Happy to help you figure that out.

So do you have a race calendar? When is your first race, as of now before any possible postponement or cancellation, suppose to happen? The best way to figure out which plan to do is to work backwards.

So ideally you would complete the 6 weeks to cross season before your first race. So we could apply that plan to finish up at the date of your first race. Then we see how many weeks we have till then. I’m sure there would be some time to fit in summer cx plan. We may just have to drop a week or two off it. Plan a smooth transition between plans and away you go!

we usually start the last weekend of September, but nothing has been posted, confirmed or even talked about yet. States were right before Christmas las year, I’m assuming that will be the same. I do not plan to do nationals. So, sounds like I need to roll into summer sweet spot, then check back in when schedule is posted

That would be best. If you did 6 weeks of summer cx, then a rest week, followed up by 6 weeks to cyclocross that would finish up on the weekend of September 2th / 27th. So that sounds like a good time frame. Then you can do a race and recovery for a few weeks before a build towards the state championships. Basically take the 6 weeks to nationals plan for your build up towards the state championships.

ok purchased both of those, checked in the training plan library and plans are not there. I did use incorrect email at first, but went back and changed it in training peaks. Not sure if plans need to be resent

the email that is associated with training peaks is

Hey Mike,

I just resent the plans to you using the email address: mike@houstonwheelrepair.com

You should have those plans in your inbox now and have 72 hours to accept them. I can help you get them lined up with a recovery week between as well.

got it, think I’m set. sorry for the trouble. Ill be in touch as time progresses.

No trouble at all! Glad we have you squared away.

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