What should I do in between plans?

I just finished the weight training plan and starting the sweet spot part-3 plan. This plan will finish 5-weeks before a “B” race 60 gravel. After this race there are 3-weeks before starting the 100 mile MTB 6- week plane for my “A” race.

What should I do for the 5 & 3 weeks.

There are a few things you could do. One thing would be to start a gravel plan which would be good route to go. This would also prepare you for a 100 mile mountain bike race.

But a better option maybe to complete a road race plan. This would give you higher intense intervals that are not as common in the other plans. So you can work on your anaerobic power. But also these focus on efforts great for even a 100 mile mountain bike race such as long Vo2 Max efforts and threshold work. It’s also probably ideal before a 60 mile gravel race. Then you will begin with more endurance type efforts in the 6 week mountain bike plan.

If you do the road race plan I would recommend you do some of your riding and intervals on gravel or even mountain bike trials. Keep the riding specific to what you are doing.

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