What plan should I be doing now?


So I posted on FB a while back (7wks to be exact) and one stress fracture of my tibia later – and I’m slowly getting back on the bike.

Obviously, I’m taking it super steady at the moment, and with my 2019 season goals somewhat gone up in smoke, I’m focussing on 2020 (and perhaps a little bit of hill climbing towards September of this season).

What plans should I be looking at now? (Had purchased, SSTP and was going to purchase Crit specific).

Thanks in advance for any help!

You could start with our fall foundation plan. Great way to ease back into it.


Than you should hit up our sweet spot plans. Maybe sweet spot 1 and 2. Be good to build your CTL back up.


From there you could do a race plan and jump into some late season races. After the fall foundation and a few weeks of sweet spot you’ll be feeling good! Some riders get burnt out come August and late summer but you’ll be coming into your best! Could allow for a great finish to the race season.

Also everything you do is will help build upon for next season. So really what you do is not a wash for 2019. It’s a long year!

Good to hear you’ll be able to get back on your bike!


Like Coach @Jake said, the season is young! Its April - for some riders in colder climates they have barely done their first race. I’d get in with a good physical therapist, rehabilitate your leg and do some pedalling!

Once the off season hits don’t forget to lift weights! Will be especially important for you and your legs. Our 32 week off season training program has everything you need:


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Thanks both @Jake and @FRANK! So, actually only really got back on the bike 2wks ago – leg took a lot longer than expected to heal. Still taking it slowly, but starting to get back on it now.

Purchased the foundation plan, thank you – and I have access to your SST2 plan (purchased last year). Guess I’m trying to get myself to November, when I can plan my ATL properly (after seeing how the leg is) – would dong the SST2 plan now, be a bit too early? (Have been hitting the gym with regards to weights etc.)

The Fall Foundation prepares you to begin the resistance training:

You can benefit greatly from lifting weights - if your injury allows - double check with your physical therapist. After the weights then we recommend sweet spottin’ :slight_smile: