What kind of flexibility do the plans offer?

from cyclocrosser, Erik:

Question for you on your training plans, and the longer cyclocross program in particular. I am fairly unstructured with my riding, I just like to ride pretty often at a pretty high intensity. What kind of flexibility do the plans offer? I tend to throw in some short track races, rides with my teenager, hard efforts up flagstaff or betasso, ideally I would like to incorporate the program materials into my normal rides and be able to mix/match. Also, I mix riding between my road, cross and mountain bike, I only have power on my road bike, how feasible is it to do the rides if I don’t have a power meter that particular day? (I always have HR though).


Hi Erik! Thanks for your question(s)

Define flexibility. Because you can easily edit our plans yourself, a simple left click > drag 'n drop.

However, we have a saying, FtFP. Give this a listen:


We can guarantee you get faster when you follow the plan but we can’t when you don’t. So it’s a balance. We do offer this forum to help!

And we have to more solutions if you want to customize your plan further

#1 our $39 Coaching Subscription us to got into your TrainingPeaks to make training plan revisions and analyze power data.

#2 or Hiring a Coach where you get a new custom designed training plan every 4 weeks after talking with your coach

Hope that helps!