What do to after a block of base building?

hello there hope all is good with everyone!

I am on a base training plan in week 5 and my event is 9 weeks out. so I bought a more specific ‘race’ plan to do climbing. my event is Liège Bastonge Liège. so it is both long and hilly.

what I have in mind is to do a big base (kinda overload) week with a ton of hours after the base, than recover for a few weeks and do the 6 week interval plan, than the event.

or should I just jump into the intervals and do a big week right after that and recover a week before the event.

your opinion are more then welcome. I look forward to your input and knowledge.

I like where you are going with your thinking and what I’d ad is to:
finish your big base with ‘ton of hours’ and then ONE rest week.

Then switch from base to race and do your intervals road race plan

Then take a rest week after completion leading into the LBL.

Hope that helps - good luck!

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thank you!

I think that timeframe will be possible.
if I get this fully from a coaching standpoint, you do an ‘overload’ after the base to max out on that (so I think that I do mostly sweet spot rides, but still no interval intensity, just big miles), recover and be fresh to start the intervals at full force, drive myself in the ground, recover and go for it.