What about nut allergies?

I just purchased the winning in the kitchen plan and I looked at it and noticed that there are nuts in there. I recently developed a nut allergy and I am going to need a replacement for snacks that all for nuts (i.e. week 1 snacks are almonds and berries) Thanks

Responded to your email on this, but am going to attach your question and my response here too as it might help others :slight_smile:

Brian: “My question is for Lacey in regards to the Winning In The Kitchen meal plan. today is my day 1 and my first question is what can I use as a replacement for nuts (I’m allergic to all types)? Secondly I have a question about timing. When I ride on the weekend I ride early and I don’t normally eat before I ride other than daily supplements. is that OK? Thanks!”

"Hey Brian! You are not alone in that regard. Many athletes encounter this issue. Watch this video of mine on pre-ride nutrition. At the end I talk about eating 1 hour out and the two approaches athletes can take.

My advice would be to have a small snack, say half a banana before you ride. Fuel during your ride as you normally would (30-60g per hour for training and up to 90g for race type efforts). Then have your breakfast after your ride, adding in about 40g more carbs since you will likely be skipping your morning snack and because this will be your recovery meal. If you are on the go, you could meal prep the oats as overnight oats and throw in a 1-2 tbsp of seeds (if you are not allergic to those) or a nut butter replacement listed below in place of the eggs… or you could even have boiled eggs.

Replacement for nuts: If you can have seeds you can use sunflower seed butter, tahini, or something like this seed butter. Another option is soy butter and coconut butter. Pumpkin seeds are also a great choice for your snacks!"