West Coast: Air Quality & Training

Question for the medical pros on the forum:

We are on day 4 of “worst air quality on the planet” here on the west coast due to fires-- it’s miserable. I did one trainer ride and felt awful the rest of the day. I’m in Seattle where very few houses have central air, so not sure how “clean” our air in the house is. Windows closed obviously…

Is it worth even trying to train, or is this like and hour on the bike = 4 packs of day

Hang in there @steveutaski - we are covering this question/issue on tomorrow’s podcast.

Until then - if your event is > 6 months out which I think it is - don’t smoke 4 packs a day and simply take some off days and revise your plan when the AQi’s improve.


Also highly recommend getting an air purifier with a HEPA certified filter and a carbon filter – This is the one I have. Great for using all year round too, especially if you have asthma. You can put it in the room where you ride the trainer (let it run a few hours first) and you should be able to tell the difference.

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Holy cow… we feel terrible for you guys out west right now. The red sky photos coming in are absolutely freaky. With the hurricanes and fires, the ole rust belt is starting to seem slightly less depressing. Be safe and healthy…