Weights and resistance when ill

Hi Tgere really enjoying the 10 week weight lifting plan and it is having real benefits. I’m right at the end of the adaption phase (one session to do, weekend rides and setting my max 1 rep weight) but unfortunately I’ve contracted a heavy cold - symptoms above the neck. Is it okay to continue or should I stop ( my gut feeling). Obviously stopping will screw up the TP diary by going out of sync potentially. Is it okay to miss the final adaption session (I will have completed eight) and go into the hypertrophy sessions? If the illness lasts longer can you advise? I really wanted to get the plan done before the start of Jan

Sicknesses are tricky so you will want to listen to your body. But depending on how quickly you kick the sickness I would recommend skipping the final adaptation workout but still doing your 1RM if you are feeling better by then. This will allow you to continue on as planned. In this scenario I would also trim your weekend rides till your resting HR is sitting in a good spot or you are feeling back to close to normal.
If you do not feel better by your 1RM Then I would push your final adaptation week back and resume it next week when you are feeling better. The next phase of lifting is not one you want to just jump into and you should not skip your 1RM. If the sickness lingers its better to ease the body in, to make sure you are progressing through the plan correctly and safely.
Good luck and feel better!

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Thanks Isaiah, that’s great advice. I’ve still got a cold but it is better. I may do a couple of adaptation sessions this week and then 1rm on Sunday. Any ideas on how to adapt the plan on TP so I’m back in sync please?

sure! Check out the feed on how to adjust your training plan.

Thanks that works really well