Weight Loss Plan Oatmeal

Is there anything I can do to make the oatmeal taste better?

When I would make my own I would add syrup and brown sugar and that makes it easier to eat. The current recipe is hard to stomach as it lacks flavor. Also 2 cups of milk seems like a lot.


Maple syrup mmmmmm.

Natural and low in calories.

1 dessertspoon

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3 suggestions to make your Oatmeal taste better

#1 honey - like a teaspoon.
#2 add granola for a little taste and texture (crunch). Here’s a great homemade granola recipe:

#3 fruit! sliced banana, strawberries and/or blueberries.

You can add all 3 for really big rides!

Thanks. I was also thinking about adding some pumpkin pie spice to it.

Put dry oatmeal and your fruit for that meal into a blender. And use almond milk instead of water. Super smoothie.