Weight Lifting [at HOME] Podcast / Plan Explanation

Cheers to the weekend - hope everyone is able to get out on some good rides!

The at Home Weight Lifting Podcast is live :weight_lifting_woman:

If you can goto the gym safely, do so because that will net you greater strength gains but I think this at Home is a very good and in some ways better with the ViPR tube and kettlebells. Technically one could merge the exercises from both together but that would be another podcast… :sunglasses:

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Frank, I think this is a super looking program that I would like to give a whirl my question is this, for someone who has never done a squat in a gym in their life, how do you know how much squat weights you need to buy? Riding for 30 years as a 50 year old master athlete I have no reference what a max movement would be reasonable so hard to run out and buy a bar and weights when there is no reference point. I realize everyone is different but any advice would be appreciated.
Many thanks

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I’d say for a 160lb male your 1RM would be 140-175-ish

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Ive noticed this plan looks slightly different for the new 2022 plan. I did this plan last year and it was a 12 week plan. Whereas it is now a 10 week plan. What is the difference to the new plan? Was looking to get started in a week or so but want to see what the difference was.