Weekly Success with Fascat Plan ! A Thank you to All

Hello Fellow Riders

Another “TIP OF THE ICEBERG” as per Coach @FRANK said the beginning training with power

First, let me thank you all from the Fascat crew and the fellow riders for the plan purchased the forum Motivations and the collaborations.

I know for some these are small numbers in the cycling world but I am competing with myself and I’m extremely happy to achieve all this in a relatively short period of time.

I just completed my 9 weeks into the SS plan, and even after 1 HR of a semi-hard workout, I achieved a new record on a 10KM race.
I would never dream that after 1 HR training I can still race and beat my own time.

This is just thanks to the Fascat crew, the plan, and the forums support

Best Regards


Stoked for you @adlerlucsi… what an improvement!! :raised_hands:t3:
Glad that the FasCat team and our Coalition of Cheetahs have been helpful. Just one of the many things we love about our community. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


Great job! Keep up the hard work.

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Well done @adlerlucsi keep going :+1:

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