Using the hour of power

Listening to a the back log of podcast, a fantastic resource, and I have heard a few mentions of ‘hour of power’. I know there is a hour of power workout in Dr. Coggans book, is this what is being referenced? If not, how do these work and how/where would you fit them into plan?

The hour of power we discuss is basically warming up for 5 minutes and then doing 50 minutes of continual tempo / sweet spot work. The cool down for 5 minutes. So just riding under your FTP for basically an hour. You can also do intervals of like 12 - 20 minutes in length with just a quick rest for 1 or 2 minutes max. What you are trying to achieve is getting the most TSS as possible in an hour while keeping it an aerobic based workout by staying under your FTP. By doing sweet spot you can get the most work in (TSS) in just an hour.


I have used the old Bill Black HOP workout that is 1 hour at SS with a 5-10 second surge into threshold every 3 minutes. Do this once a month.

Ed K