Unorthodox Work Schedule

I have an unusual work schedule. I work 10 hour days on Mon, Tues, & Thurs. then a half day Friday mornings. The good news is that I have all day Weds and Friday afternoons off. The bad news is any type of workout on Mon, Tues, or Thurs is difficult. In a "fatigue dependent’ training plan, what is the best way to re-arrange my workouts in the Training Plans?

Hey Robert-

I believe your best route is to hire a coach who can make your training schedule fit around your work/life schedule.

You could also attempt to get up early and do your workout before work - it takes discipline but a lot of people do it. I know your days are long but it can be done, especially if you’re on our basic plans!

Hope that helps!
Coach Allie

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Hey Robert,
Like allie said - I’d also recommend either hiring a coach or getting on our coaching subscription because as you mentioned, this is a pretty atypical work schedule. It is likely that you will need a training plan that is ~4 days a week rather than 5 like most weeks in our predesigned training plan.

If that is not an option, you could try waking up early like allie mentioned on Tuesdays and get in your interval workout (tuesdays are almost always key workouts in our plans). Then do Wednesday as planned. Friday you could do your thursday workout if you missed it… but that will vary from week to week depending on how hard your weekend workouts will be. Doing so could result in excess fatigue that would prevent you from nailing your weekend ride. This is something a coach could help you predict in advance on our $49 coaching subscription.