Unique Power Test Q

Entering the regeneration week of SSB4. A field test is scheduled this Saturday. While nothing on the books event wise, I am hoping for a good result. Two issues:

  1. I sold my road bike which had a Quarq Dzero PM. I do have a Riken on the TT bike and a Dzero on the Gravel machine. The only issue with the gravel bike is my fit is a touch off (back) as I used that seat post on the sale of the road bike as that post was fubar. I tend to have a forward position (shorter span, inseam).

  2. I’ll be at 7000’ that week end and I live near SL.

Any recommendations on day to test and bike to test on or how to proceed with SSB4?

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Hey Landis,

I would just not recommend doing a field test effort or an effort that you are going to look at that number as a base of fitness. The biggest concern is altitude. Since it is such a change in altitude that is going to greatly effect your power numbers. Up 7000ft you would be like 6 - 8% lower in power juste because of this if not more.

For that workout just put in a hard effort up a climb. Find a local segment and just try to place in the top end of the leaderboard. That would be a fun way to get in a great effort.

With no racing on the horizon what you could do is finish sweet spot 4 and repeat this regeneration week after week 6 and do a proper test on that 7th week.


Excellent suggestion! Hadn’t considered that…muchas gracias!

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