Unbound 100 Goal Setting

Assuming I get in, any thoughts on how to set a goal? I want to race it and chase a result/time.

But haven’t done the course.


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Once you’re confident you can do the distance you can start thinking about what might be a realistic power goal and from there you can start estimating speed; if you can do some longer gravel rides on rolling terrain then you’ll start knowing about how fast you’ll go, for a given wattage.

However, I think you need to go into race day with a goal that’s flexible and can go up or down depending on variables like conditions, i.e. if it’s cool and dry you’re going to go a lot faster than if it’s wet or hot.

Lastly, I aways reference the previous year’s results to get some reference values for my age group or category: RESULTS - UNBOUND Gravel

Hope that helps!

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