Type of squat front or back?

I explained to the trainer at my gym what I was trying to do. The only question he had was it a front or back squat?

In our resistance program we have athletes do back squats.

Thanks is there a reason why back squats versus front squats?

With the back squat it is believed to engage more muscles. Front squat is more quad dependent but with the back squat you engage your hips and glutes more as well. Typically you can also do more weight with back squats as well. The front squat is a bit more advance and does take more flexibility. With either it is important to use good form.

Yes: the back squat is widely recognized by strength and conditioning coaches and experts to be one of THE MOST effective cycling specific exercises.

Plus we/ I have 20 years experience with the back squat personally and from hundreds of athletes. Its easy to execute, low risk of injury and again highly effective. The front squat is higher risk, more complicated and not as effective - avoid and it is not #FtFP’ing.

Thanks. I’ve never been much for squats so I joined the local health club and got a session with a trainer. I really did not want to get hurt doing this. He was asking the question so I felt I needed to get the answer, That’s a new relationship too. Believe me I want #FtFP. Thanks for your help I love to Podcast.
Thanks again.