Tuesday night Worlds in place of SS workout?

So just kicking off SS2 after life got in way of two attempts to get going on it. Can Tuesday Worlds replace the Tuesday SS w/o? Can sit on the front to get SS-FTP level work for different periods. Thx.

hard to say @michael.matthews but when we launch our subscription based coaching services for $29 we can take a look at your power file and see if you were sweet spottin’ or not. Look at the TSS, etc… to determine the quality of the group ride as a sweet spot substitute, or if you went too hard.

And if it messed you up for Wednesday and Thursdays workout… There’s a long list of checks. Or you could just #FtFP but that may not be as fun. Its a balance as we explained here:


I find when I’m one of the best if the group I can control it better and get controlled sweet spot. Here is a ride I did last week, highlighted is the part I did at sweet spot. You can see intensity factor was .93 which is the middle of sweet spot.

The part after is where I took turns pulling with another rider. Still sweet spot power however more on and off so not having the same benefit since you get that rest and your legs are able to recover ever minute.

Like Frank said group rides are tough and it depends what the power file actually looks like. Than you can determine how that rude can fit into a plan.

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Last week I started with the open ride and it was full gas from the start so I rolled back to next group so I could sit on the front
for 17-18 miles and get good high tempo- SS work.

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See that sounds good. Going with the slower group but being able to ride at sweet spot as you are pulling the group. Just want to typically keep the interval length of the pull over 10 minutes and get the total amount near the planned workout (i.e 3 x 12 minutes is 36 minutes of sweet spot in total)

How to Sweet Spot on a Group Ride (its a thing :slight_smile:


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Also, everyone, this is what we call ‘JakerPacing’ :joy: because its like motorpacing just behind Coach Jake!


Yeah, the first group was sprinting out of every corner and away from every intersection, so doing anaerobic work was not on the menu.

Was flying without data also (new SRM just arrived this am and may not be ready for use this evening) so was just steady work effort – would have been too easy
sitting in at 20ish pace. New bike so last 3 weeks have been fairly unstructured waiting for new meter. BTW, for Campy 12s, you use the Campy 11s meter with 12s rings. They have the same BCD and the ring spacing on the 12 rings makes it work – per the kind
folks (Jeff and Rachel) in Uli’s shop.

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