TSS in "planned" vs in description for weekend Sweet Spot group ride

I have a question about the weekend sweet spot group ride. I am doing the 16 week Sweet Spot plan. In the description section of Training Peaks, it says TSS 115 (for 3rd Sat) but time went up to 3 hours and in IF, it’s 0.71 which gives a TSS of 175 for the planned amount. And even though time for group sweet spot went from 2 to 2.5 to 3 hours, your description still keeps TSS at 115 for each weekend ride, but it’s higher than that on the planned amount and IF that is listed. Is this a typo? Which is correct?

Looks lije like a typo in the descriptions. Im sure frank will be along soon to confirm.

So, where do things stand? Now looking ahead in plan, it looks like similar typos persist. First regeneration week: Saturday Sweet spot group ride - 3 hours, Training Peaks planned 3 hours, 175 TSS @ IF 0.71, but in verbage for description still says 115 (looks like it was just cut and pasted from earlier ones); 5th week Saturday ride - 3 hours, TP planned 3 hours, 183 TSS, 0.78, but description says 152.

Hi Doug !

A little forum etiquette: when you ask a question - don’t ask it in 3 places, please (1x1 customer service, here & the private FB group).

We answered your question in our customer service channel last Friday and a Coach will get back to you again per your message this morning.

Our customer service hours are during the week, M-F - we take the weekends off. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

My apologies. I thought the forum and FB group were more for others to answer if they had seen similar issues as opposed to the Fast Cat Staff. Thanks for addressing my concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.