TSB on Regeneration Weeks

Hey guys, just a quick question as to what we should be aiming for in terms on TSB on a recovery (regen) week. My TSB going into the regen week is currently -38, should I be hoping to get it in to positive numbers or is somewhere by the middle of the regen week or somewhere between 0 & -10?
Thanks in advance (ps just ordered a Whoop)


It sort of depends. So if you are new to tracking your training your TSB will be inflated since your CTL started at 0, when you may have not been at zero in reality. So sometimes athletes TSB maybe more negative than they really are.

Ideally you may get back close to 0 . You just want about 50 - 60% less weekly TSS compared to your previous training week. When you rest is when you get stronger so you can not rest too much. Don’t get caught up in riding too hard or doing too much work during a regeneration week. This is actually when you stronger and muscles adapt to the training stress.

If you are following one of our plans it is set up this way and you will be set!

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Shorter answer than Coach Jake: jus FtFP bc we’ve factored your tsb when we designed the plan :nerd_face:and your rest weeks


Frank, I knew you were going to say that as I was typing the question. Just been listening to the CTL for masters podcast whilst recovering from a ride this morning. Love it!!! Stay safe!!

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Thanks Jake appreciate the response. Stay safe