Transitioning to SS3 After Illness

So…after 10 days of being sick, finally starting to feel better. Sort of. Had delusional intentions of doing a field test today (I know) and am planning on using my latest FTP from January.

Here’s the question: Still experiencing fatigue, but ready to get started on my next plan. As I transition to being healthy again, if the workouts seem really hard (like WAY harder than they should), is it okay to reduce my effort by decreasing my FTP used to calculate zones?

Thanks. Hoping to regain normal fitness again in a week.


After getting back on with 7 days of riding you should feel better by the second week. The first week of Sweet Spot 3 does have the field test and it probably would be best to not do that effort. Maybe yo could do Thursdays easier effort to help open up and then on Thursday do something like 3 x 10 minute threshold. Get an idea of how your FTP feels. You probably won’t be far off from where you were in January as long as you were FTP’ing before being sick. Just might take this first week to find your legs again. Zones are wide so you can first shoot for the lower end of the ranges. See how that goes. Don’t push too hard early on and add extra fatigue. You have some freshness so you may actually surprise yourself once you are fully healthy and feeling better!

Thank you, Coach Jake. Much appreciated.