TrainingPlan Sale = Morale Boost

Hi Frank. Thanks for running the training plan sale. It has been a morale boost. Here’s why. I was having my best year yet on the bike, until recently. On November 7, I rode an all time high of 125 miles on a beautiful autumn day and still felt like I had legs at the end. I credit the 18 weeks of sweet spot plan. Then, the COVID symptoms hit a few days later and I’ve been laid low ever since, and seeing my PMC acting like the 2008 stock market has not been good for morale. Plus, I know that I’ll have to take it super easy once I’m back on the bike to make sure my heart hasn’t been affected. I’m 36 and no longer feeling invincible. But today I bought the 6 week gravel plan and the winning in the kitchen plan, taking advantage of the sale prices. Now I’m feeling fully equipped for a comeback. Thanks a bunch. Between the 18 weeks of SST, the gravel plan, and better nutrition, I feel like I’ll be able to get back what I’ve lost and then some in 2021.


Hey Kevin!

So sorry to hear you are sick. This virus is no joke and it is hard to see it affect not only our friends and families, but our athletes as well. As you noted, it will take a little while to recover… but with the attitude you have we have no doubts you will be crushing those 125 miles again before you know it.
We are happy to know we could help boost your morale and I, along with the rest of the FasCat team are wishing you a speedy recovery! :orange_heart:

P.S. If you start the gravel plan and feel like you aren’t able to keep up with the volume, feel free to reach out and we can bump you down to the basic level for the time being until your lungs are recovered.

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Right on Kevin - much love right back atcha.

Best to not get greedy with ye ol CTL. It goes down and it will go right back up. Make sure you FtFP what your doctor says an don’t start back before you are 100% better.

There’s plenty of time to train and get faster for 2021 - be well


Thank you, Lacey and Frank. I appreciate the kind words and the offer of a basic level gravel plan. I think I’m going to sort of shut down the focused training until after the holidays and focus on making up lost time with my wife and baby girl. Like you said, Frank, I can get the CTL and the watts back in 2021. Making up for two weeks isolated from my family is gonna be priority numero uno. But now that I’ve got the 18 weeks of sweet spot and 6 weeks of hilly gravel plan in my TrainingPeaks Calendar, I’m feeling better about priority numero dos.


Hi Kevin
Like many, I had a couple of events planned this year which were at first postponed for a few months then ultimately cancelled for 2020. I had been following SweetSpot4 and 6 week gravel plan which had improved my FTP but more importantly my upper zone 2 and zone 3 performance.
In Feb I was diagnosed with cancer and due to fact it was in early stages I asked if treatment could be put back until the big gravel event here in UK the Dirty Reiver, which was pushed back from April to Sept. The doctors were ok with that however when when we heard in Aug that the Reiver was postponed until April 2021 I elected to start treatment which has just finished although it will be another 4-6 weeks before I can get on the bike.
Knowing this would be the case I bought not only SS4 and gravel but 3 week fall foundation as I will have been off the bike for 4-5 months and Zwift intermediate because here in UK 3-4 hour rides during Jan- Feb are no joke. So I plan to start 1st Jan with 3 week fall foundation to ease myself in then either Zwift or SS4, finishing with Gravel Grinder ending the week before the event.
I have been doing a reasonable amount of walking, and also one thing which may also help you, resistance band training. I can go thin/light band high reps for cardio or thicker/heavy band for low rep strength work. The bands are also good for mobility training to prevent stiff back and shoulders when you do get back on the bike.
The other thing you may want to look at is breath work, at 65 some of the hills are getting tougher so during SS4 and GG earlier this year I practised breath work and brought resting heart rate down to 40bpm. I will say that during this training I was regularly waiting at the top of climbs for riders in their 40’s.
Although not been on the bike so not getting full benefit I have managed to maintain between 40-45bpm recently. I believe the increased efficiency breath training gives will compensate a bit for lost muscle in the early stages of training.
Best Wishes
If any of the FasCat team read this and can suggest anything I can take advantage of during the Black Friday sale then let me know .

Hi @alanwlkr6 -

At this time in the winter, we are suggesting On Season Training as described in this training tip:

Hi Alan,

First of all, congrats on completing the treatment. I hope you are forever cancer free!

Can you point me in the direction of some resources on the kind of breath work you are talking about?

  • Kevin

Hi Kevin
There are a few variations of breath training. The 2 main courses I could find are and WimHof method
Both have plenty videos on youtube and both have their fans. Personally I have bought both courses and find I get different benefits from both. Earlier this year when I was using SS4 and gravel grinder plans I used Oxygen advantage technique on the bike and Wimhof when practising at home and have 1 hour or so to spare I use WimHof as the techniques are best practised lying down. Currently I find I am using Oxygen Advantage more, both at home and when walking the dogs as I find it easier to be consistent with this type of breath training.

I would suggest looking at both and make your own decision. There are a number of youtube videos comparing both. These are mainly posted by people trying to sell you a course

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These breathing exercises remind me of our Meditation Podcast with @Jackson

And our reference of the benefits of Yoga and being able to ‘be’ in the moment during a hard interval or moment of a race.

If you can breathe thru those moments you’ll find more success. It takes practice tho