TrainingPeaks shift plan out by a week

I had a family trip so made it a rest week. I’d like to shift the remaining weeks of the plan out by one week. Anyone know if there is an easy way to do that in Training peaks without having to manually move each workout?

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On your calendar, go to the far right of the week and directly to the right of Summary, then click on the three-line icon that appears. Select Cut and then paste it in the following week.

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You can do what was stated with copy and paste each week. I find this easy if you only have a few weeks.

But you can also shift a plan. So on the same menu under summary you can choose “shift” A menu will come up asking which weeks of the plan you want to shift and where to have the new workouts start.


Nice to know! I had to bring my bike to the shop for repair and was wondering how to offset the plan.