TrainingPeaks form curve

I started the 18 weeks sweet spot build up program a few weeks ago and I’m fully motivated and committed to this plan.
My plan is based on a FTP of 235 watts that was concluded after a lactate test in the lab start of January 2020.

I haven’t been on a training plan for more than 2 years and my FTP in TP has apparently been set too low for the previous years which has resulted in my form curve being way too high based on incorrect data.

My issue is that these days all the curves in TP are going in the wrong direction because of the previous incorrect data, despite that I’m training much better, more structured and also harder than before and this is extremely demotivating.
So my question is if there’s any way to sort of reset or correct this in TP so I can start getting motivated by the curves and numbers in TP again?

As far as I know there’s no way to recalculate tss in bulk based on updated/corrected ftp, but you can do one by one depending on your motivation level for data tedium

@chad i believe is correct. I looked at this issue some time ago when I realized that my sFTP in WKO4 did not automatically populate to TP. After exchanging messages with TP the only way to correct the issue is to go back to each ride and manually update the correct FTP. IOW, there’s no feature that allows you to set FTP for an historical date range. Sort of miss, IMHO.

That being said, because the TSS model only looks back 42 days you should only have to go back that far. Anything past that falls out of the model.

If your data is going the wrong direction then there’s some historical data that’s falling out of the model. That’s happening to me. It’s totally normal for mFTP to periodically drop if you have an outlier (compared to your current training) fall out of the model. The PD model is accurate if and only if you feed it data of all durations and that data is of the appropriate (i.e., all out) intensity. Otherwise, its simply not accurate. This is a feature not a bug.

Caveat - I am not an expert.

Okay, it seems like it’s the manual fix or live with it for another 30 days (2 weeks already passed).

Thanks for your help guys:-)

Not 100% sure if this is what you’re looking for, but if you go to the dashboard, click on the three little lines in the top right of your PMC, then in the menu that pops up there’s a button that says ‘recalculate tss’.

That brings up a menu that allows you to change your threshold numbers for a set date range, which then updates your TSS numbers retrospectively.


Yes you can recalculate your TSS by placing in an FTP for a specific date range.

So go to dashboard view. Performance manager chart. Click on the menu on the top right corner. Click on recalculate TSS.

Then it will open a menu where you can put in the new FTP for a specific date range. This way you do not need to go day to day.


Cool. This must be new. My issue arose last year and I was informed by TP that this wasn’t an option.

Feels like there are always updates and things you couldn’t’ do before that you can do now. Like this or applying a training plan through the app. This forum is a great place where others can share and find this information out.

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It worked! Thank you so much for helping me out:-)