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Mega thread for everything related to training with power meters.

I just started on sweet spot and I’m starting to see the value in adding a power meter. What are the most popular meters out there?

I have been looking at Power2Max NG Eco because of the value proposition it seems to offer. Anyone have some experience with their meters?

You’ll get a lot of opinions on that questions.

Honestly I see the best value and consistently with the Quarq power meters. I’ve been using them since the beginning and really since 2011 haven’t had any issues with them. Also coach many athletes on them who haven’t had any issues either.

SRM is the gold standard but will be expensive. Stages tend to be the cheapest however occasionally see an issue with consistency and accuracy with those.

I do know one person with a Power2Max and he hasn’t had any issues with it and it has been consistent for a few years. Not sure the model on that one.

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To echo Coach @Jake’s thoughts you get what you pay for these days. I really only trust Quarq and SRM powermeters.

“The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten” - to quote benjamin Franklin

I see this on a daily basis as I analyze power files from athletes who have wonky data or their powermeter isn’t working. Then there’s trust - do you trust those #'s? I trust SRM & Quarq but just about all pedal based powermeters I am not a fan.

The original powerTap HUB was terrific and scientifically validated.


Hi there. At the outset of my 18week SS training plan I was forced to perform my initial FTP test on the trainer, (wahoo kicker). It’ s now nice out and can do the next FTP test outdoors. This would mean a different power meter of course. Should I repeat my post plan test indoors for more accurate comparison, or do it outdoors?

My first was a L only Stages (gen 1), second a L/R Pioneer (gen 2), and just got the Assioma Duo (gen 2). I just got tired of the dropouts on both the Stage (being left only and power spikes) and the Pioneer. So far so good with the Assioma but only three rides and I haven’t test the accuracy/consistency again my Drivo.

I have the Assioma. I love them. Been on them for a year.

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Sadly yes. Your real powermeter on your bike versus the smartTrainer differ in the #'s they readout and you will need to update your threshold with another field test. The good news is that the KICKR #'s got you close but you still want to go as hard as you can to calibrate for outside.

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Outside it is!
Actually I have a little TT event this Sunday and have a feeling I will be able to update my power with that.
thanks for all you do Frank and co.


Time Trials are the ultimate field test! The closer it is to 20 minutes the better it is for updating your 20 minute field test. But 40k’s are the GOLD Standard and your normalized power from a 40k is your Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

Good luck and Gooooo Fast!

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Any recommendations for an MTB power meter? I have Sram XX setup (Not the new 1x stuff) and would be interested if anyone has something they’ve heard of, used, or any suggestions.

Take a look at the Quarq Powermeters. They are going to be a little bit more pricey that single legged crank powermeters but you’ll be able to trust the data AND they work;

I use the Cinch power from Raceface. It requires an Easton or Raceface crank / bb though. Works well but only one sided power. It’s more for a reference for me.

I kinda blew it and went too hard at the start. Plus the course had a long bumpy downhill which made it tricky to maintain power. I ended up maintaining my current FTP for normalized power over the 45min TT. Good workout nonetheless.

How would you handle two different bikes with two different power meters. My road bike has a powertap hub (which is what I used for my for FTP test) and my gravel bike has a Stages R pm. The Stages provides much lower power numbers. Is there a way to use two different FTPs in order to stay in sweet spot percentages?

Using two different FTP’s is going to get complicated quick. Sadly, this is not a TrainingPeaks feature but I wish it were. If you stay on it you have have a Road Bike/PowerTap FTP and a Gravel Bike Stages FTP. You’ll have to change it manually in TrainingPeaks before each upload.

Its kinda like having an altitude FTP and a sea level FTP… but more of a pia.

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Throwing my hat in for Pioneer. Currently running the new model with Bluetooth on one bike and the older model (no bluetooth) on my training bike. Both are dual sided and link to CA 600 computer. Check battery life, calibrate and ride. Data uploads to CycloSphere and pushes to Stava and Training Peaks.

Wahoo now supports Pioneer data but if you run the Pioneer pm, its best to also run their computer to access firmware updates, etc. I know that puts some people off. Great system though if you go all in. Also need to run Shimano cranks…

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Anyone have tips for reading power on outdoor rides? Indoors with Zwift I find it easier read and maintain fairly steady power numbers, which has been a huge help in training/virtual races. However, outdoors my power tends to jump around a lot. This causes me to instinctively go back to watching Avg speed and HR only to find my power at the end of the ride is well below what I should be able to do powerwise.

Should, I be setting be setting power to display an average over 5 or 30 seconds instead of realtime or something else to help? FYI, I’m using the Powertap G3 hub calibrated each ride, Indoors is a Wahoo Kickr.

Can try the 3 - 5 second rolling power average.

Another thing you can try is to have current lap average power showing so you know what you are doing for your ride or current interval.

For zone 2 endurance days you can watch your TSS. That is the target. Most of the time you’d like to have a 45-50 TSS per hour rate. So that is something you can use as a guide.

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Thanks Jake. My TSS was 228 over the 3:56:45 ride. My goal was to stay in the sweet spot for this ride as an experiment using power outdoors. My HR was spot on in Zone 3, but Power was mostly in Zone 2. It was a hot and humid day though, especially at the tail end of the ride. I guess that is normal, but I have a lingering concern, I’m riding over my fitness level. I don’t want to sabotage long term gains, over pride and thinking I’m faster than I actually am.