Training restart after partial tear of the external ligament

Dear Coaches,

which way would you recommend to restart training after a three week pause forced by a partial tear of the external ligament? My plan is to ride only base for one week and then get back to my structured training plan, restarting the latest block of training. I was also thinking about setting my ftp from 366w to 350w and do a new test in the first rest week after the restart.
Are there any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards

Hi Steffan,

Yeah the best thing to do is just start easy for a week. Get some zone 2 and maybe up that a bit to some sweet spot by the weekend. Just come back slow not to have any issues and make sure everything is good.

You can knock your FTP down a bit but I most likely wouldn’t just jump into a field test. Doing once you hit your first regeneration week should work out well. You should know how the training feels once you continue the plan and start doing efforts. Not only use your power but look at your heart rate and perceived exertion. So the first block should be fine.

Also where you start back up really depends on where your first event or goal event is.