Training plan upload to zwift

Hi. I purchased the sweet spot 1 plan through training peaks. I am not able to gain access to the forum though? thanks.


All set @carvelliaj - when you buy your plan on the TP site (& not ours) you are not automatically given entry.

I jus gave you access manually - enjoy and good luck #FtFP’ing :muscle:

Hi, how do you upload workouts to zwift?

How to manually drop workouts from training peaks into zwift:

  1. First make sure your zwift and TrainingPeaks accounts are connected. You can do that here:
  2. Go to the workout in trainingpeaks and click the export file in the top right.
  3. Export file as a .zwo file.
  4. Go to your downloads folder and copy the file.
  5. Find your zwift folder and the subfolder activities:
  6. Choose the folder that has the most recent files and drop it in there (to be safe you can drop it in all of them, it won’t hurt anything!)
  7. Then you will also drop it in the file labeled “TEMP”
  8. Once you do this, all you should have to do is open your zwift and scroll down in your workouts to find it under the custom TrainingPeaks Tab :slight_smile:
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Typically you should be able to sync your Training peaks to your zwift account. Instructions for that here:

But if you cannot get that to work use the instructions I gave above :slight_smile: