Training Plan Updates

Do Training Plans get periodically updated? In other words, is a plan I purchased three years ago the same as the one sold today (with the same title)?

If so, is there an “upgrade” option?

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Hey @traxxtar !
We put a ton of time into designing them so that they hold true.
That said, we aren’t perfect (but we’re close :wink:) and if we do become aware of a mistake in say a workout, we’d go in and make a minor adjustment . The only thing we have updated in any of our plans recently though is the resistance training worksheet to change “sessions” to “sets” simply to reduce some confusion that a few athletes had. I will go ahead and email that worksheet to you now :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

@Lacey_Rivette Thank you… Makes sense to keep the plans true to ensure they stand the test of time!! I suppose the CX Nationals plan is one I’d need to repurchase? Mine says it is for Reno Nationals (2018).

Thanks again for the training resistance worksheet!!


Yes please!!


its the same plan - only the dates have changed so you can choose the right start date in TrainingPeaks to line up your race to your plan. Presto.