Training Plan Suggestion for early race season start

Hi! I’ve already done the Gravel Grinder training plan and am looking for a training plan for the off season. But there are some differences in my situation as opposed to most racers. I’m a collegiate cyclist who has my first race the first week of February I believe. So that leaves 17 weeks from now to then. How should I handle this when buying a plan? I like the 16 week base plan but I don’t know if that will leave me way under cooked for racing. Then again it’s unlikely people will be crushing VO2 intervals in January either. Any suggestions welcome.

You should do our resistance to sweet spot base plan. It is 16 week plan.

Just because your first race is in February doesn’t mean you need to peak form, or should be. Collegiate season is pretty long and most regional championships don’t come till late April and nationals in May! So that is 8 + weeks. Also just because you are doing a ‘base’ plan doesn’t mean you won’t get fast! Do group rides as well, especially come January when you can do some race like efforts.

After this plan is when you would want to add in your race intensity intervals. We even have collegiate based training plans! Check them out.

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