Training Plan Qustion

Purchased the three week fall builder and mistakenly didn’t click the intermediate got the basic. How can I make the switch from the basic to the intermediate?

Thanks for throwing this up on here too Jeff!
Though I already emailed you, I want to answer you here too so others can see.

That plan is one of the few we have that is the same for all levels. It is what @FRANK refers to as a “chill” plan that is designed to ease you back into strength training and prepare you for strength/resistance training.

So #FtFP and get ready for things to ramp up once you start the 10 weeks of resistance training. :wink:

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Thanks again Lacey!

I wanted to also use the forum so I could get a sense of how that works.

Thought this would be a good plan to try out FasCat and put some muscle back in the legs/core before the building starts in November for 2021 :smile:

Thank you so much and looking forward to FtFP.